Monday, May 4, 2015

Long, long time

Hi all, 
Well I didn't realise it had been so long since I last posted so here is an update. I'm now 7 years old and in year 1 at school. I enjoy going to school and have lots of friends. I am going well with my reading and writing. I go to speech pathology once a fortnight and have occupational therapy at school on the opposite fortnight. I have 2 younger brothers and one younger sister. My brothers names are Jada and Hezekiah, my sister's name is Tabitha. They are 5, 3 & 1/2 and 2 (in 2 weeks). I now get to enjoy sleep-overs at nana and gaga's, (I've had 2 so far). We still go to Queensland often to visit grandma, and next year mummy and daddy have said we may visit Darwin to visit some frinds who are moving there. I'm sure there is a lot more I can tell you but right now I'm meant to be in bed as I have school in the morning so I'll try to remember and tell you all another day. 
Talk to you soon, Moses

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sore finger

Hi all,
I have to let you know what happened today. Just before lunch time I decided that I wanted some grapes from on the table but rather than move my chair closer to the table I leaned over and almost fell, in the process I somehow caught the glass fruit bowl that the grapes were in and caused it to break on the table and floor. Mummy was holding my sooky youngest brother and daddy came straight to help me. He took me into the bathroom to run my finger under water but it wouldn't stop bleeding so mummy put my youngest brother down on the floor, locked my middle brother in her and daddy's bedroom and went to move the car so that daddy could take me to the doctors. Mummy then came in and cleaned up before letting my middle brother out of the bedroom. Daddy took me straight to the hospital and we had to wait until I got to see a doctor. I was a good boy though because I had on big boy undies on and I only had one little accident (I'm good at home now, no accidents). The doctors and nurses couldn't decide whether I needed something called a stich or glue, in the end they decided to use glue because it would be less trauamatic for me, the nurse put on the glue and turned around to get the bandage when she did that I tried to glue my fingers together but she managed to get them apart. We then came home and I had an early night but couldn't have a bath until tomorrow night. That was my big day out with daddy. I have to get my bandage off on Friday and then we'll see if there is a scar or not. That's all for now,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Brother again

Hi all,
I've been slack with my updates recently so I thought that I should let you all know that I'm a big brother again because mummy had another little boy on Thursday 15 September. So far he doesn't do much, just sleeps, eats and cries but I love tp play with him and give him kisses. He will be starting his own blog soon and when he gets it I'll let you all know. Other than that I don't have any big news, life is pretty much the same here, home, child-care, shops, church and visits to nana and grandad's is how I spend my days. Anyway I have to sign off as it's my nap time, I'll talk again soon,

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hi all,
Just thought I'd put up a quuick post to let you all know that I recently went to melbourne for a holiday with mummy and daddy. I had fun because we went on a long train ride first and I had a seat all to myself, I decided that I wasn't going to sit with mummy, daddy and baby brther so I sat across the aisle from them. I slept most of the morning because mummy and daddy let me stay up the night before thinking it would be easier if I slept on the train. When we got to Melbourne it was dark and mummy and daddy had to find the hotel in the dark, they didn't do too badly, daddy had the suitases and mummy pushe me and Jada in the pram. After we got settled into the hotel room we went to get some tea then did a bit of shopping to get food for breakfast. After that we went for a short walk deciding what to do while we were there. Then it was back to the hotel room where Jada and I went to sleep (as did mummy because she stayed up all the night before we went away) and daddy said he watched a bit of tv then went to bed. The only problem with the hotel room is that it was very small and right acrss from the hotel was a conference room so we kept the curtains shut at all times. While in Melbourne I had a day where I was allowed to walk because mummy and daddy wanted to go into some shops that we couldn't get the pram into so I got very tired that day, usually I'm pushed if we are going a long distance. We went to some markets, a magic store, a store filled with Dr Who and Star Trek/Wars gear and on our secnd last day we found a large indoor shopping mall so we spent a bit of time there. I wasn't as good on the plane on the way home, I kept getting told off as I wanted to stand on the seats and not sit with my seat belt on. The only time I kept it on was when the light told me it had to be on, I don't think I like flying because I can't move around as I want to and my ears hurt because I decided to be naughty and not have the lollipop mummy offered me.
Other things I've done is go to Port Macquarie again to see daddy's cousin get married and then have daddy's 40th birthday party a week later, it was a very busy time.
Mummy tells me that in 11 weeks I'm going to be a big brother again, this time I want a baby sister (well mummy and daddy do anyway I don't really care). Other than that I don't think there is anything more to tell you, so I'll sign off for now,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Colin Buchanan

I got to have a very special day on thursday I went to my very first concert. It was a Colin Buchanan concert and I had lots of fun. He sang some songs and played some games and I even got to meet him but by then I was tired so I was grumpy and wouldn't look at the camera or smile. I also went to IKEA to get a late lunch, it was 4pm. We didn't stay there long though because we had to go to a circus. There wasn't much open at the circus, mummy was going to take us again on Friday but she worked all night Thursday night so was really tired and we didn't go out. I also haven't seen much of daddy recently because he's been down at the church sealing floors so I really enjoyed my day out with him and mummy.
I can't think of anything else exciting recently, we're going to Queensland in December so mummy and daddy are saving hard for that. I'll talk to you when I have something to say, in the meantinme enjoy these photos,